Natural Vs Synethetic Soap

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Natural soaps are made out of all natural ingredients, however, this is not the only difference which makes natural better than synthetic soaps. Natural soaps are sustainable, better for your skin, ethical and good for the environment. When compared to supermarket brands, natural brands were shown to have no harmful synthetic chemicals. Even the supermarket brands that did not have these inherently harmful chemicals, they still contained chemicals that were harsh on skin. 

Hence, in essence, supermarket soaps value one thing over anything else and that is the ability to clean everything off the skin, washing away dead skin cells, natural oils and leaving the skin dry. Have you ever felt your skin is dry following a shower? This is because the oils are stripped out of your skin leaving it "clean". In comparison natural soaps use oils derived from plants that will foam into a lather to gently wash away dirt and combine with your natural oils to leave your skin feeling fresh, soft and smelling incredible. 

Natural soaps are also made local, we make our by hand right here in Melbourne. By buying natural you are also buying local. Supporting small businesses and obtaining a product that is truly special. This also means that these soaps are cruelty free and of course animal friendly. 

Another incredible feature of natural soaps is that they are rich in antioxidants. So what is an antioxidant? Well within our bodies we have unstable oxygen particles which emit something called a free radical. These free radicals have the ability to damage other cells in your body and in this case on your skin. An antioxidant absorbs these free radicals by accepting the electron and taking the free radical into its own structure so it does not disrupt the cells. 

Overall, there are so many things to love about natural soap, from supporting local businesses, to feeling fresh and vibrant. When was the last time you tried using real soap? 

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