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There are many reasons why we love using natural handmade soap, too many to discuss in any one article. However, there are six main reasons why we think handmade natural soap is as special as it are:

1. They are actually soap

As much as we have been lead to believe that every product lining the supermarket isle is soap, this could be further than the true. Today there are very few true soaps on the market. Most are in fact chemical cocktails that are just ingredients away from detergent. Yes, maybe they add a "fancy" fragrance, but they will never be natural soap. 

2. The same soap today that has been used for centuries

The natural soap you purchase from us today is the same soap that humans have been using for centuries. Our skin nourishing ingredients are sustainable, cruelty free and ethical. Not only does this mean you are helping the world and its environment, but you are truly caring for your skin. 

3. The ingredients not used

Using natural soap means you are using a soap that does not contain:

  • synthetic ingredients
  • artificial fragrances
  • artificial colours
  • detergents
  • synthetic preservatives

This makes natural soap the perfect alternative to supermarket detergents for those with sensitive skin. Natural soap is simply gentle. 

4. Moisturising ingridients

You might be familiar with the grater like feeling of some soap bars, this is because they aren't actually soap, they are detergents designed to cut through oil. Using a natural soap bar your body is cleaned with natural oils. This will leave your skin not only clean and fresh but moisturised. 

5. Natural fragrance = aromatherapy

Natural fragrances have been used for their natural calming properties for decades. Scents like lavender are believed to have a calming effect enabling you to switch off and relax at the end of the day. Incorporating natural soaps into your daily routine can help you feel revitalised and ready to tackle the day. 

6. Softer, healthier skin

Natural soap will leave your skin feeling softer and healthier than modern day detergent soaps. Over time you will notice a difference in the moisture level of your skin and some people even believe their skin begins to glow again. 

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