About Cossé

With over 30 years in the beauty industry in Australia and overseas, we have been blessed to test a variety of products worldwide. The result? We understand what our customers want in a quality product.

That’s why we have created Cossé… a company focused on manufacturing a range of elegantly designed cutting edge, natural Botanical Body Care products that are hand blended and “Made with Much Love” in Melbourne.

All of our products are manufactured in small batches to ensure our team provides high-quality control and meticulous attention to detail to every lotion, body wash, spray mist, candle, lip balm, bath salts or body scrub.

Our personalised manufacturing process ensures that only the finest nourishing ingredients and beautiful, refreshing scents touches your skin.

Our products are natural, paraben-free and not tested on animals. We love nature and the environment, which is why our packaging is minimal and made to look discreet to minimise the impact on our environment.

What’s more, our innovative formulation includes specific pure essential oils and a variety of specialised scents. This means our customers get the natural benefits of the essential oils, combined with a unique product that caters to their different moods… gentle one day, bolder the next.